Restaurant Efficiency

NOT just another restaurant review


Having lived in New York for the past five years, I am no stranger to the city’s varied cuisine and have grown accustomed to a life of instant culinary gratification. From the Village’s hip corner café, over to Tribeca’s inventive menus, down to Chinatown’s aromatic fish markets, NYC provides nothing short of a foodie heaven. But, I am not here to add to New York’s growing ego or even review food for that matter.  My attention, when dining, gravitates towards the functionality of the establishment. As an operations analyst at a large investment firm and a terrible cook in my not so large Manhattan apartment, I have decided to blend my love of dining and passion for efficiency in this blog. Truthfully, New York, unlike most other cities, seems to truly get the task right – for the most part. For the rest, my blog is here to help as I provide both critiques and solutions from the simplest operational faux pas to the most complex restaurant set up. Read on as I uncover some of the best and worst operational kitchens the city has to offer.

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